Rant- seeing more results each day

With each passing day, I see so many more fitness results.  Not so much aesthetic results, but strength and endurance results. Aesthetics come with strength, so that’s why I personally believe strength is the best. I’ve been training for 7.5 months, and aesthetics haven’t really been there, but strength has and I love being strong. They say you can’t “flex strength” at the beach, but honestly….I don’t give a damn.

When I’m asked why I work out, it’s because I aim to be a well rounded man because one day I may join the military or even compete in an amateur powerlifting/bodybuilding competition just for the life experience. I gotta stay fit.

I’m a mere 136 lb Asian guy who can dead lift 325, bench 205, and squat 260 all for a 1 rep max. Those numbers are by no means impressive, because I’ve seen men through videos online lift literally 100-150 lbs more than me at the similar body weight, especially with the dead lift. 

My muffin top is visible as hell, and my abs are barely visible. If I could estimate my body fat, I’d say around 14-15%. I’m perfectly okay with that, but being at a 9-10% would be nice as well. I just don’t prefer being super duper cut, but that’s just me. I prefer to be swole-ish lol.

So the next time someone tries to insult me or call me out for not having visible abs or being shredded…..all I can say is fuck you because we all have different goals in the gym. And to those that call me out and don’t even lift…? Yeah, fuck you too because you don’t lift or diet properly and simply don’t know a darn thing about it. Sorry not sorry motherfuckers. 


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